Amy Cattaneo Interviews Co-Founder Elle Monus on her podcast

They’re just clothes right?  Wrong!  Your clothes can be a beautiful expression of who you truly are…if you let them be… And sometimes we need help with that…enter in my podcast guest, Elle Monus.  In this episode, we will learn about how and why Elle started True Image Group and how her amazing company is helpingContinue reading “Amy Cattaneo Interviews Co-Founder Elle Monus on her podcast”

"Know your shape" with body shape examples surrounding

Know Your Body Shape

Knowing your body shape is the foundation of finding your style. I’ll be writing up some posts on my philosophy around wearing what you want vs dressing in what is most “flattering” but if you want to follow the “rules”, I’ve got the formula. There are five basic body shapes: hourglass, straight, pear, apple andContinue reading “Know Your Body Shape”

Lizzo on the beach with text overlay "Lizzo-level confidence and how to get it"

Lizzo-Level Self Confidence & How To Get It.

By now everyone has heard of our new lord and savior, Lizzo, but if you haven’t- today is the day your life changes. As a visibly plus-size public figure who has been sweeping all of the award categories lately, she takes quite a bit of heat. She’s also revered as an image icon for women of all shapes, sizes and ages due to her seemingly unshakable confidence. But, how does she do it?