Covid-19 changed our entire way of living. We went from having to be everywhere and do everything to being forced to be in quarantine hoping that things would quickly rectify themselves. 

The “two-week cure” turned into a new way of life two years later than we anticipated. We are now faced with a new norm of N-95 masks, isolation, grocery pick-up, and companies adapting with work from home jobs. The joy we took in the question, ‘what am I wearing to work tomorrow,’ quickly changed to the predictable, comfortable plaid pajamas, stained t-shirts, and worn-out pants (hopefully I’m not the only one). 

Unfortunately, the new norm of not having somewhere to go every day might have taken the pride and joy that we once felt getting dressed. The gratification of wearing that new top or dress or putting on a new eye-shadow from MAC, gradually faded when our offices became interchangeable with our beds. 

Let TRUE Image Group help you. 

As a stylist and fellow ‘homepreneur,’  I’m here to give you 3 tips on how you can comfortably bring that 9 to 5 look and create that same joyful anticipation that you once had. 

Dress it up and down 

This can look like putting a pair of joggers on with a cardigan. You can also trade the house slippers for some stylish flats. So, no need to dress in heels unless that’s your style. Another option can be buying cute pajamas and lounge clothes. One of our go-to’s is HM. They have great options. These are just a few options out of the ton of ideas that we have. TRUE can be your personal shopper and give you a hand in recreating your office look to fit your home office. 


Want to keep your Pjs or Joggers on? That’s fine too. You can add accessories to your look and it’ll make all the difference. Accessorizing with a cute hat or piece of staple jewelry can turn a basic look into a fashionable statement. When it comes to accessorizing, we love Express

Dress according to how you want to feel

Do you want to feel confident, sexy, smart? Dress like it. Sometimes dressing to feel good is the best option for working from home. There are no rules for how you should or shouldn’t dress. Put on what makes you feel good about your body. The great thing about working from home is that you do not have to abide by unspoken office fashion.