One of the most common questions around image consulting that we get is, “So… what do you do?”. I’ve always been pretty bad at answering it- I know, how did I even get here let alone run a business around it? I’d fumble through a list of synonyms always starting with, “Essentially we are a personal stylist…”. That should be a new slogan for us: “Stylists. We know what you should wear.” But an Image Consultant is more than that. TRUE is more than that.

I’ve done the personal stylist thing, in fact- I’ve taught it hundreds of times to people that have served tens of thousands of clients. I’m really good at it but even I can still fail. I hate to fail, everyone that knows me would tell you that I’m a neurotic mess that strives for “above above-expectations”. Its my blessing and my curse- one that I have to work on daily to make sure it doesn’t ruin me or my personal relationships.

I was doing everything the same way. The passion and time spent on exploring them was the same. I listened and learned about them as they spoke. I picked up on cues they didn’t know they were giving me in phrasing, body language and non-verbal clues. I’d pour my soul into getting the exact right fit and fabric- but they still hated it.

Why was I failing when I was doing everything right? More importantly, why don’t these clients seem to love themselves in these gorgeous items as much as I do? I started looking at patterns and data- I’m a business and operations girl above all else. I had a hunch, I’d heard the same phrases from hundreds of women- but I needed concrete evidence, so I started there and ended there. Self love and self worth.

I hate to break it to you, but if you don’t love and accept yourself, nothing I put you in will make that happen. That’s the harsh truth. It can help, but that will also be temporary if you don’t put in the work. So that’s where our business model originated.

I’m naturally very good at reading people and seeking out the best in them, it is why I’m good at what I do. It was my goal to build something where my team and I can seek out the best in someone, show it to them and make them proud t0 present it to the world. We aren’t necessarily doing all the work- you are. We are just pushing you in the right direction.

If that’s not clear enough, let me make it even easier. We are going to laugh. And, we are (probably) going to cry. We are going to poke around at why you hate your [insert body part here] and decide together if those thoughts about yourself are true or not. We are going to find what truly makes you who you are- not what you’ve been told to be. Then we are going to celebrate it in the most amazing way. That’s image consulting at TRUE.

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