Boy was 2022 a year! Or maybe that was just me. From inflation and sky-high gas prices, to Queen Elizabeth passing away, and now mass layoffs happening in light of an upcoming recession. Luckily we’re just 20 days away from 2023. If anything these past 3 years have taught us, is that every year will come with the goods, the bads, and the very uglies. So how should we prepare? 

We recommend a total reset. Here at TRUE, we plan to do some business and strategy resets, but most importantly, we want to personally reset before the new year. How can you reset? 

TRUE has 5 ways to Reset for 2023: 

Start with reflection 

Reflection is looking into a mirror describing what you see. Think about situations, good, bad, the best, and worst moments of this year. Reflecting can be done multiple ways. One of my favorites is journaling and TRUE helps you understand how journaling is a form of self-care. Here are a couple prompts that you can start with: 

  • 5 things that you’re grateful for.
  • What were the best moments in 2022 and why?
  • Name a time that you weren’t proud of the way you’ve handled things? 

Forgive, Get Closure & Let Go

Speaking for reflection. After reflecting on the good and bad, I want you to remember to forgive yourself. This was a hard one for me. Perfection has always been the goal as a perfectionist and although society rewards this toxic habit, it’s not healthy. Understanding how to forgive yourself and others and let go. Here are a few tips on how to forgive yourself: 

  • Remember that you’re human 
  • Have a conversation with your inner critic 
  • Repeat positive, self-love affirmations

Write goals down for 2023

The end of the year is one of my favorite times because between 11:59 pm and 12:00 am you can decide to start over. Start with writing your vision or looking at it if you’ve already done this. Then write down 3-year goals and then 1-year. The 1-year goals are the ones that you will focus on for 2023. Think about the things that you want to change in your life and divide your goals into sections. Write three goals under each section and then 5 tactics on how you can accomplish them. Here are a few ideas: 

  • Personal 
  • Finances
  • Business 
  • Health 

Declutter your digital life 

This is something that is long overdue. With everything being so accessible through social media, text message, phone calls, etc. doing a digital cleanse is much needed. Do you have text messages and pictures from longtime ex’s? What about friends on Facebook and Instagram who you don’t know. An even better consideration to have is thinking about if the people in your digital life aligns with your goals. This is why it’s important to tackle this task after you write your goals down. Here are some tips declutter your digital life: 

  • Go through your contacts 
  • Go through your pictures 
  • Re-evaluate your Instagram and Facebook friends 
  • Ask yourself if what I see on social media is what I want to unjust daily

Evaluate your habits

After writing your goals and tactics, think about how you plan to accomplish your tactics. Planning your weeks and days will help you get to your bigger goal. Rituals create habits and good habits help you accomplish your goals with ease. If you have a goal to lose weight and your tactics are to drink water, prepare meals, and work out 5 days/week, ask yourself how you plan to do that. TRUE has a few tips on how to create better habits: 

  • Buy a planner or use your google planner 
  • Choose the days that you plan to workout
  • Drink a glass of water before breakfast and after breakfast 
  • Associate better habits with what you already naturally do 

TRUE Image Group can help you with your 2023 reset. Whether it’s business or a closet reset, we can help you re-align with where you want to be next year. Book a FREE consultation with us and let’s work!