If you don’t know about Pantone, now you know. They put out a Color of the Year every year and eyes all over the world look to what they can do with it. Obviously for us, it should be how we can wear it. Although, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t scroll endlessly through home decor options on IG.

You may have noticed that 2020’s year is blue. An almost true blue- which is perfect for Summer! I have avoided the stereotypical nautical looks, but just picture a Ralph Lauren ad with two abnormally gorgeous people on a boat wearing blue and white stripes and you’ve got look number one.

I opted for a more practical application for every day for those of us who need to leave the house. If you’re still at home under a stay-at-home order, I’ll applaud you for even putting on your cutest blue under-roos for a solid look number two for the color of the year.

If you pop back up to the top, you’ll see how we color block our blue. This ‘fit is right up Veronica’s alley. A trick I use when pairing very bold colors together is to try to stick to colors opposite on the color wheel for high contrast, but also remembering to use classic cuts and styles to tone the overall look down.

You can absolutely pull off a classic nude shoe with this outfit, but I opted for a fun animal print to continue the playful vibe all the way through. I’d call this look preppy classic and I’d expect to see it in on the “it girl” in a workspace or networking meeting.

Next up, my personal favorite when it comes to color- The Pop. Veronica and I often tussle over how much is too much color. There is no such thing for her. I tend to go for classic neutrals with a pop of fun somewhere around. My favorite place to do that is with my shoes.

You can also add two pops. Try one with a shoe and one with your handbag if thats your thing. I’d suggest going with contrasting colors if you’re really wanting to make a statement. The key to nailing this look is balanced contrast, really. If the dress is structured and professional, stick with a professional style pump in a fun color. You’ve got to keep the overall look cohesive while proving that you still know how to have fun.

Finally, cool and casual. Brunch, beach-front, shopping with the girls or vacation. This look gives you all the comfort of leggings and a t-shirt, but brings it to a whole new level. If you struggle with jumpsuits- don’t. There is one for everyone and I’ll create a post for that later. For now, just know that nailing where the waistline falls is key (always at your most narrow spot) and if you’ve got a large bum like me, try one with a large enough neckline that you can step into or zip up once you’ve got it on.

You can always toss on some great shapewear to smooth, but if you find an option with wide legs and some pleats on the front you may feel more comfortable letting yourself breathe a little easier without it.

Blue is the perfect starter color of the year for anyone that’s new to anything outside of neutrals. it’s close enough to navy where you’ll feel comfortable, but the range in available color variations is plenty. How are you wearing yours this summer?


by Ellemonus

Color Blocked

by Ellemonus

Pop Of Color

by Ellemonus

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