Elle is a woman with stories- some of war, some of joy and victory, but all of them taught her to be exactly who she is when it was time to pick up the pieces and build a powerful and dynamic life. 

She is a certified life coach, an Industry Expert and Co-Author for wikiHow and builds businesses, specializing in branding and scaling high-growth, venture-backed, tech startups. This not being one. Her passion for style and branding started when she had the opportunity to build out the Styling function of a popular clothing subscription box. Her passion for personal growth started when she lost it all. She knows all too well how to balance a professional presence with her slightly edgy femininity in order to wow inside and out of the conference room. 

Being different has never been better.

Elle transcends the boundaries of the typical. She rose from humble beginnings, maybe even got a little too cocky and burnt out once or twice, but finally decided that being true to herself was the only way out of this thing alive. 

If you’re ready for fun, we know fun! If you’re ready for real, we’ve got that too. Whether in your closet or in the dressing room, we will ensure you’re just as comfortable as you would be with friends. Our judgment-free space makes it easy to figure out who we are and what style makes you truly you.