So, now we know online thrifting is an option, but I was a thrifting before thrifting was cool.  I grew up poor.  We didn’t have money to buy the latest or greatest.  So, I had to get creative to be able to copy the looks I was seeing in the magazines. 

My mother knew how to sew so I would bring home all these items from the thrift store and we would deconstruct the pieces and create new ones.  I still do not know how to sew but I do love to create.  I use my creativity to create outfit silhouettes now instead.  So here are some tips to navigate the online thrifting experience.

Online thrifting options


Now the pros of shopping ThredUp are that it is the largest selection of used clothes that I can find. So, this means the options and selections are better.  But it can be overwhelming to scroll through. But they have an algorithm to narrow down your focus to only see the items that you are interested in- which is great!  (This means you need your measurements and when in doubt… size up.) 

The other pros are the return policy, frequent sales, and excellent reward point system.  The return policy is key because you can return very easily but they sometimes have a restocking fee. 

Special note: I have tried to send in clothes to see if they buy them but in my experience, it has not been worth the trouble of packing it up and waiting to see.


Poshmark is a marketplace, meaning individuals are selling their own “stock” which also means there is no standard of quality.  The other downside is that you can not return items so if you don’t like it or it doesn’t fit, you have to donate it. 

The upside and the attraction is that you can bid on an item and get an even better deal.  If you know your brands that fit your and your sizing then Poshmark is a great option for you.  The risk factor decreases.  Individual sellers often include a personalized thank you card to your package which is a great, warm, and fuzzy personalized touch.  


is a good place to find vintage deadstock clothing.  Deadstock refers to stock that never sold and is sold in bulk by the pound and then a merchant then sells the piece individually. 

Again, knowing your measurements is key in winning on Etsy.  Always size up and tailor to you after. 


You can find great deals on vintage finds or buy things in lots.  A lot is a group of clothing items for a great price.  Say ten pairs of jeans for one price and one shipping price.  This is a good option if you know the brand and sizing works for you. 

Thrifting & sustainability in online thrifting.

I usually purchase higher end clothing at a fraction of the price.  Then if the piece of clothing gets ruined by getting stained or torn then it isn’t that big of a loss.  As a hairdresser,  I am pretty hard on my clothing with about three to four tops a month having to get tossed due to hair color stains obtained from coloring clients hair.  So, I figure that by the time that I get the piece of clothing it is that pieces last stand. So, I love them well and put them to rest after a great time of wearing.  It is my version of sustainability.  

Like all used clothing when you receive them in the mail, I would highly recommend that you wash the clothes immediately before wearing them.  Also, a tailor is a must in the thrifting game.  The reason for a trusted tailor is that once you find that great piece of clothing the tailor will customize it to fit your body beautifully.   

I hope this helps and that you can find some great clothing options.  Happy online thrifting! 

xo, veronica

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