I often get asked what it is that we do exactly and explaining personal styling and image consulting on their own is fairly easy, but discerning the differences between them can be a little tough. At TRUE, we do both + the added benefit of personal coaching.

personal styling

Both image consulting and personal styling work on the outside, but personal styling typically ends there. A good stylist will always take into consideration your preferences around shape and style, but they likely will not delve too deeply into your life. You’ll get great outfits picked by someone that knows their way around style, but you won’t change anything but your clothes.

Popular subscription boxes have created quizzes and algorithms that will do this work for them. You fill out what you like and don’t like and then they compare those answers to the thousands of other answers from other customers. A backend system then makes suggestions to your Stylist based on what others who gave similar answers to you kept when they received them. It really isn’t that different than how most companies offer their own products or advertising, but it’s really not about you- its about generalizations.

image consulting

Image consultants are like marketing teams for your whole image. Often they are reserved for people with a public presence, or those that need help packaging themselves for an audience.

Image consulting can include tips and tricks on speaking, engaging and presenting as well as research and comparison to others in similar positions to give a competitive edge.

The biggest difference to note between image consulting and personal stylist is that image consultants can parcel out personal styling to a Stylist while they focus on other areas of the client’s life.

When you’re finished with your Image Consultant, you’ll not only have amazing outfits to wear, but you’ll have adjusted other key aspects of your life.

+personal coaching

Life coaching has become huge in the online space and while I am a certified Life Coach, I want to be clear about where the lines are. Life coaches are not therapists or mental health professionals.

A life coach will work with you on setting goals and achieving them. You very well may run into some clearing of blocks or work through some emotional moments, but life coaching is not intended to cure past traumas. A great life coach may give you opportunities for break throughs, but will guide you to a mental health professional when it is time. A quick tip is that life coaching looks at your present and forward with only an acknowledgement of the past while therapy takes a deep dive into your past and explores treatment.

how TRUE combined them

When Veronica and I build this new model of image consulting we wanted to make sure that we were working to create a lasting change for the clients we work with. You’ll get your personal styling- we can make you look great! We are also going to look at all aspects of your life as image consultants and while we are there; but think of those aspects as the pretty bow on top of a more robust personal change. When we implement the personal growth strategies that comes from life coaching, you’re not only going to look a little different, you’ll have done the work to feel different so the changes last.

With TRUE, it really is all about you, every aspect of you and we are so very excited to be on that journey with you.

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