Most everyone knows what fabrics they typically feel most comfortable in, but do you know what the specific types of fabric are and what kinds to look for when shopping online to ensure your most comfortable fit?

Well, I’m happy to share what I know! The two major types are woven and knit, but you also have lace, woolen and blends. Knits and blends are typically the most comfortable because they have the most stretch- but we’ll learn more about that as we go.

Woven Fabrics

Woven fabrics are made with interlocking yarns put together on a loom. The yarn that goes the width of the fabric is referred to as a weft and the yarn going the length is called a warp. On the side of the fabric, there are wefts called selvedges, which are double backed with a non-fraying edge.

The three types of weave in woven fabrics:

  • Plain – Used for sheets, shirts, and basket weaving.
  • Twill – Used for jackets, jeans, and curtains.
  • Satin – A satin weave fabric is constructed with a complex arrangement of threads which create a smooth, shiny surface, and is used in things like nightgowns, sheets, and evening gowns.
Knitted Fabrics

Knitted fabrics are more flexible and can be built in smaller pieces, they are similar to woven fabrics in composition, but to the normal person- these bad boys are the comfy ones. There are tons of knits, but the most common ones you’ll see are jersey, rib, and interlock fabrics.

Typically knits:

  • Do not unravel
  • Wrinkle less than woven fabrics
  • Have a degree of built-in stretch

Cool Night Out

by Ellemonus
Lace Fabrics

There are two common types of lace fabrics: trimming and nylon net laces. A trimming lace fabric is generally used for décor or apparel but manufactured with a narrow width range. Nylon net lace fabric contains a net background.

Woolen Fabrics

You already know where wool yarn derives from, I’m sure. Woolen fabrics are loose woven fabrics that are constructed from wool yarn using a plain or twill weave. These fabrics are soft and extremely durable, often used in a thick coat.

Blended Fabrics

We see a lot of blends these days, in fact I’d wager to bet that most of the clothes in your closet are blends. Just check the tag and you’ll see percentages of cotton, polyester, rayon and spandex. They are just the combination of two or more types of yarns, which results in a third type.

I know this post seems a bit dull, but once you learn which types of fabric are your favorite, you can shop more easily online and find clothes that fit or drape exactly as you’d like them to on your body.

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