What does it really mean to be dressing casually? 

Does it mean not caring?

Does it mean that you wear your oldest non-descript clothes hoping no one you know will see you that day?

Does it mean that you are lazy if you prefer casual clothes?

Can you really feel super sexy and cute in casual clothes? 

Can you elevate your look wearing casual clothes? 

How do you even begin?

Do you define casual clothes a slightly higher version of pajamas?  And in fact- can you elevate a pajama look to be business casual? 

...Can you have a business on the top and party on the bottom type of outfit when you are doing Zoom meetings? 

These are all the questions that I am pondering this week.  I am looking at the new spring fashion trends and seeing what I would like to add and what I am tending to wear from my wardrobe.  Things are warming up here in Texas, so jeans are a bit heavy feeling for me and I’m looking to see other alternative pants to wear other than leggings.  Can a girl have it all?  Can we be casual and comfy at the same time?  Let’s discuss!  

What does it mean to dress casually?  I think casual dress has to do with the type of materials that your clothes are made of.  If they are super stretchy and comfy then casual tends to be to word to describe it.  But then how do you elevate the look?

I would suggest adding accessories such as a belt, scarf, long necklaces and earrings and bracelets.  By adding these elements to the outfit, it brings visual interest to an otherwise basic outfit that consists of just a top and a bottom.  Think eye candy!  

If you’re dressing casually, does it mean that you do not care about your appearance?  I say, no! Absolutely not.  A way to avoid looking too casual is to put on your outfit and look in the mirror.  What are the words that you would use to describe your outfit?  This is a great exercise to see if your outfit is too casual.  Can this outfit go out in public?  If you saw someone you knew, would this outfit embarrass you?  

Can you be super sexy and cute in casual clothes? Absolutely yes!  Instead of wearing a crew neck tee shirt choose a v neck instead.  Instead of a sports bra wear your best sexy bra.  Having your girls up and alert always elevates an outfit. 

Even the material of your pants can make a difference.  Are your pants comfy and highlighting your best assets?  If you want to wear a cardigan, make sure that it is not fuzzy and piling.  Use a fresh razor and go over the fuzzy to create a new sweater look. 

Now, look to your feet.  Wear your cleanest pair of tennis shoes or the newest pair of casual slides.  If your pedicure game is lacking, then choose a closed toe option.  

White sweater, jeans and white sneakers outfit for dressing casually image consulting
Casual Outfit
green sweater with puff sleeves and gold u-shaped earrings for casually dressed personal styling
Upgraded basics
Same white sweater and jeans outfit with booties instead of sneaks for casually dressed image consulting
Upgraded Casual Outfit

Dressing casually at home. 

We all have our home comfy clothes. Our ride or die clothes that we wear when we are sick or want to chill.  These are usually the bottoms we wear with a fancy top when we are on a zoom call., you remember all the Youtube sensations of Zoom calls gone bad when the person forgot to turn off the call and walked around in their underwear?

Where do we go from here?  I have had a year of wearing yoga pants.  They are a softer version of the skinny jean.  So, what am I looking for?   A wider leg soft pant with some structure.  That means I am looking for different material types that feel soft and comfy and still has structure. 

….A jogger perhaps?  ….A jogger without elastic at the bottom?  ….A flat elastic waisted pant that has a bit of structure to it?  …Am I dreaming?  …Does this pant exist? 

I am hopeful it does?  I have been seeing many retailers give versions of this.  It is a weighted material like the light rayon type materials of the past.  My search continues.  I don’t want to have just an old school gym pant.  I want a heavier wight material to mimic cashmere.  Is this asking too much?  I also am looking for incredibly soft v neck tees that I can layer with my long line sweaters.  I have seen the new sweater sets that are sweater bras.  I think they might be a good look with a lightweight tee underneath. 

What are the game changers in my closet that I can utilize nor to elevate my look when dressing casually?  Let’s look at accessories again.  

The Belt!  Ok so not only does the belt give visual interest but it creates and defines your waist. I usually opt for a wide elastic belt because it moves with me and is not binding.  Amazon has great finds and low prices

Next up? Scarves! A scarf can create a statement look to any outfit as well as bring in a pop of color.  Did you know that a scarf can do double duty as a belt as well? Get creative, girl!

So, can casual looks be elevated?  Most definitely YES!   Watch the types of materials the clothes are made of. Watch for the use of accessories like belts and scarves and necklaces.  

I think looking for the under-utilized parts of your closet will open up more possibilities for you to create fabulous outfits.  The funny thing is when you just add one thing to the outfit you’re winning, it instantly elevates the outfit. 

I am still on the lookout for new pieces to refresh my closet but half the fun is seeing what I already halve and then adding to it where I need.  

xo, Veronica

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