What are the proper clothes you should wear for jury duty to make sure you get selected?

The court system has one of the most traditional dress codes there is. You can save the suits for the attorneys, but business casual is your best bet when wanting to be selected. The goal is to look as neutral as possible so neither selecting an attorney can view you as having the potential to lean one way or the other. 

For men, slacks, a button up or collared shirt and dress shoes or boots will do just fine. In more rural areas, you might be able to get away with some jeans, but make sure they are nice and paired with a dressier shirt or blazer. 

For women, a simple dress, skirt or slacks with a dressy top paired with some flats or low heels will do just fine. 

Avoid any rips or tears in clothing as a sign of respect to the court as well as revealing clothing.

What should you wear to jury duty if you don’t want to get selected?

The court system has one of the most traditional dress codes there is. The goal is to look as neutral as possible if you want to be selected, but if your goal is to get out of there immediately- go for the opposite. 

Attorneys are looking for neutral parties, so dressing in clothing that shows extreme polarized views will likely get you cut. Think anti-government movements or conspiracy theories printed on a t-shirt. 

The court also rarely appreciates those that come dressed too casually. A pair of pants full of rips and a stained and dirty top will do just fine. 

What’s the best way to tie wrap pants?

Wrap pants give you that curvy look around your hips and accentuate your waist. There are three ways to tie wrap pants: 

  • Front – tie around the belly button, mid stomach 
  • Left-tie & Right-tie makes your hips pop out perfectly if you’re going for the curvy look

What are some good ways to style drop earrings for a professional look?

  • Hair in a sleek bun (top or at the nape of your neck)
  • With classic mock necks- shorter
  • With V-necks- longer
  • In classic colors/styles
  • Avoid gaudy

What is appropriate attire for an engagement party?

  • Casual- smart casual meaning 
    • Nice jeans, cute top, flats or heels
    • Nice jeans, polo or button up, nice boots or clean/trendy trainers
  • A bit more?
    • Casual dresses (maxi, sundress (below the knee))
    • Jumpsuit
    • Chinos, fitted tee and white sneaks
  • Posh?
    • Cocktail dress and heels
    • Suit (no tux unless specified)

How can you look cute and feel confident in your clothes at school?

Own it!

How can you look your best for your yearbook photo?

  • Pick your favorite top since it’s a bust shot
  • Avoid setting powder, just blot if you’re oily so it doesn’t flashback
  • Apply natural looking false eyelashes or two coats of mascara and lip liner/lipstick so they aren’t lost in the picture
  • Take time to fix your hair in a style you know is sure to hold
  • Avoid anything too trendy if you want it to be classic
  • Avoid glasses if they are prone to glare

How should you decide what to wear to your graduation?

  • Make sure it lays smoothly under your cap and gown
  • Classic vs trendy
  • Dress warm/cool based on inside/outside auditorium
  • Business casual to “sunday best”
  • How much time you’ll be out of your gown. No need for anything fancy if it’ll be covered

What are some ways to style Nike Air Force 1 shoes to work?

  • Unless your office is trendy or casual- you don’t
  • Nice slacks/chinos and a button up tucked in
  • Jeans, blazer and a fitted top
  • Casual dress

What is appropriate attire for a wedding rehearsal dinner if there is no specified dress code?

  • Cocktail Dresses are a must for a rehearsal 
  • Usually a silk or cotton, dark or nude color dress is best 
  • Avoid white or ivory (anything that may take away from the bride), or the bridal colors, if known
  • Dressy Slacks with an off-the-shoulder blouse 
  • If you want to go a little more casual, a denim, mid-length skirt, with a silk or button down shirt 

What should you wear to a celebration of life?

  • For Women: A sweater dress with ankle boots 
  • For Women: Pair a mid-length t-shirt dress with a blazer 
  • For Men: Slacks with a black, white, or navy button down 
  • For Men: Slim-cut khaki with pastel colored button down shirt 

How can you style overalls?

  • Overalls can be simply paired with chucks and white t-shirt underneath 
  • You can add a plaid button down shirt, tied around your waist
  • A crew neck t-shirt of any color with one of the overall straps loose
  • Pair a crop top under overalls, basic or graphic 
  • Add a turtleneck top for the colder months 

What are essential outfit components for creating a Western country look?

For men: well crafted jeans and boots with a pearl snap shirt

For women: dress, cowboy boots and all the lace you can get with soft curls in the hair