Society encourages getting external validation from others. Think about it. From the time we are young, we are told by our parents who we are and who we are not. Then we grow up into teenagers, finding our own voice, but then being told that we should or shouldn’t act, dress, or look a certain way. We are literally groomed to seek the approval of others. So, why would you look within to determine your beauty and worth if for so long, it has been determined by others? 

Beauty is within the eye of the beholder, you being the beholder. This means that it is time to start looking within for the validation that you need. If you think a certain hairstyle, dress, or pair of shoes looks good, there is no need to call that friend to get a second opinion. Standing firm in who you are, what you like, and how you want to show up in the world is determined by you, and you alone. When you ask others their opinions on how you look or how you want to dress, you’re essentially giving them power. Take back that power.

I know, it’s a hard habit to break. As a matter of fact, it’s not a habit, it’s a ritual. It’s what you are conditioned to do. But do not worry, TRUE will help you take that power back with these three steps on how you can own your own beauty standards. 

  1. Take a Social Media Break 

Oftentimes, our standards of beauty are determined by the media. Marketers say that a consumer only needs to see a product 7 times before it’s ingrained in their psyche. So imagine what that means for you when you see the word “beauty” attached to any one particular person, hair style, and type of fashion. Taking a break from social media allows you to think for yourself without the influence of media. Start with one day. Then progress to 30 days and you will see a difference. 

  1. Do not ask for validation 

Aht! Aht! Aht! Put that phone down and do not FaceTime your friend. Your friend has her own set of predetermined rules that works for her. So you set your own set of rules. If you think that a pair of shoes is it for you, then buy them. No need to ask anyone else. Being who you are allows you to contribute what’s unique about you to the world. 

  1. Be Mindful

Think twice before you make decisions about yourself. Ask yourself these questions. “Am I getting this preconceived notion from myself or my upbringing? “Is this really my style or have I seen it so much that I want to buy it?” Thoughts change feelings and feelings turn into actions. Change the way you think about yourself to reflect how unique and amazing you are just by existing. And from there, work your way up to showing up in the world, knowing how valuable you are. 

TRUE Image Group can help you own who you are. Our services include, but aren’t limited to, styling services. We love to support and aid you in being who you are meant to be. We can shop with you or for you, whichever you desire. Give us your vision of who you are and we can help bring that to life.