Leggings. My favorite form of pants. People get so worked up over them though. Are they pants, are they not pants? Can you wear them alone? Can fat girls wear them at all? My answer to all these things is yes, but just like anything else, you have to do it right for maximum effectiveness.

First, and most importantly- buy good quality leggings. You want leggings that are the opposite of tights. The thinner the leggings, the more likely you are going to show your groceries to the world. The thicker the leggings, the more structure, smoothness, and shape they’ll give.

If you’re budget conscious, spend money on leggings, even if on nothing else. The “good” leggings are still fairly reasonable in price (about $30-40).  How do you know if they are “good”? Do the “bend test” before you wear them out. If you can see through them when you bend over even a little, never wear them alone.

If you’re wearing leggings as pants- darker colors work best if you’re trying to be conservative. The lighter or shinier the leggings, the more they show. Listen, you don’t get a booty as big as mine with no cellulite. I feel like that’s pretty common sense so often I don’t mind too much when it shows but some days I just don’t feel like challenging the world’s social norms. A light grey legging is perfect under a maxi-tee but worn alone it makes this booty look more like the moon.

Want to wear them as pants but aren’t quite ready to do the deep dive? Try ponte pants to start. They are what would happen if slacks and leggings had a baby. A glorious, smooth and luxurious baby. Now that bootcut and flare pants are back in, you can even opt for one of those cuts to feel like you’re getting a little more coverage.

Now all you have to do is top them off with a tunic top if you want coverage, a t-shirt with the sleeves casually rolled and tied at the waist if you want to show off your shape or even under a romper or skirt for warmth. You’ll look fab but also be super comfortable.

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