Just had a baby and don’t recognize yourself? Guess what, mama? That’s completely normal. You’ve gone through months of developing a human and your body has quite literally formed organs. In most “what to expect,” books they tell you everything about pregnancy but  forget to tell you what to expect in the 4th trimester (first 12 weeks after birth) and postpartum. What they also hesitate to tell you, is that you will still look pregnant within the next few weeks after pregnancy. For some women, it may take months and even years to get back to pre-pregnancy weight. This is why it’s important to enjoy your new body. 

Here are three tips for how you can enjoy your postpartum body. 

  1. Throw away the idea of “snapping back.”

“The snap back” is a term that refers to getting back to your original weight before pregnancy, right after birth. As wonderful as that may be, it’s completely unrealistic. There are some women who may snap back faster than others but the reality is that those women are the exceptions not the rule. It’s completely okay to still have extra weight on your body. 

Your body has gone through 10 months of body changes, so it’s only right that you give yourself another 10 months to change. Another truth is that your body may not snap back, but instead you may have to form a new version of your body that you are proud of. This may mean not making your pre-pregnancy weight the standard or goal for enjoying your body.  

  1. Dress for your current body size.

Let me be the first to say that it’s okay. It’s okay to go up in pants size or buy a size up in a dress. Mourn the body that you once had and accept the here and now. This will help you enjoy shopping. 

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3. Be proud of what your body has gone through.

Girl, you just formed another human! Give yourself props and all the hand claps. Your body has gone through body changes that made it possible to nourish a baby to life. You also went through labor and birth, which is a whole other life and death risk. You are amazing and wonderfully made. 

So the next time you’re tempted to body shame yourself, look in the mirror and remind yourself that “you did that.”