Image consulting isn’t just for your personal life. Image consulting can help brand your business. Half of our business is branding and image consulting for entrepreneurs or solopreneurs. I, Elle, have also spent quite a few years consulting and working in startups and building their brand across every aspect.

What does that mean exactly? I find myself asking myself that question often. With my slow growth experience in the field, I sometimes forget that it took me over 10 years to figure it out and others can’t just “get it” right out of the gate. What do you mean you don’t know you need brand colors, consistency in tone across all platforms, and a mission-based philosophy to truly reach your perfect clients?!

Brand example- lilac and white
Good vibes only sign
Holistic Wellness Company
Purple crystals- business branding
Brand Colors: Lilac & White

It ain’t exactly easy, but once you figure out the formula, it isn’t hard either. It just takes time and a lot of consistency. One of the best examples of branding in business I’ve ever heard was that when you hear of a large company coming out for/against something (i.e. Apple being more progressive and chic fil a being more conservative in their views) it’s not a shock. Your first thought is, of course they’d fall on that side of things- that’s who they are. That is strong brand identity.

I’m not telling you to go out and shout your personal views through your business advertising- unless you want to- but the way you show up physically and online tells your clients who you are and if they are going to get long with you. One of the largest determining factors when someone picks a small businesses today is alignment with their clients beliefs. There’s definitely even more of a pressure on smaller businesses to get it right. People don’t expect conglomerates to be “good”, as a small business you’re still human.

If I’m using TRUE as an example, you’ll notice that we allow our team to express their own views, but never put a company face on it. We have a strong, live as you will so long as you’re not doing harm philosophy. Veronica and I even have very opposite beliefs in most areas, and we think that brings us something special- there’s always someone that can relate or explain where one of our client’s is coming from.

TRUE Image Group's IG branding example
TRUE’s branding (as seen on IG)

Instead of a polarized moral guide, we chose core values that speak to everyone. (Excellence, Freedom, Authenticity, Trust, Loyalty, Collaboration). We also went fairly neutral in our color palette. You’ll notice that we stay pretty black & white with pops of color. Our fonts even show our neutrality- clean, crisp, and easy to read, with a pop of humanity shown in our script font. This allows us to really tailor ourselves to each one of our clients’ personalities because we know everyone is different and has different needs when it comes to image.

Does your brand show up consistently? Do people know exactly what your vibe is as soon as they land on your site or social media? Book a consultation with us today to see how image consulting can help brand your business.

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