First off, what is self-love? I can tell you what it’s not. Self-love is not bubble baths, nails and hair appointments, and shopping sprees. While those things are conducive to self-care, it doesn’t really define how we should be loving ourselves. Self-love, by definition, is a state of appreciation for oneself that supports our physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing.

Here at TRUE, we are dedicated to promoting self-love. Here are a few habits that you can implement to promote self-love: 

Physically Well-being

  1. Take a walk

Taking a walk is a great way to move your body and feel great at the end. Choose your favorite scenery. We love nature walks but for you, it might look like going to the treadmill or mall-walking (don’t get in trouble!).

  1. Prioritize moving your body for 30 mins/day 

Moving your body means that you are releasing endorphins which make you feel better. Not only does moving your body help you feel good internally, but it helps you look good. 

Need ideas? Zumba is a great start if you love dancing. We personally love to just casually walk in the mall and trip to the cash register (kidding!) but you could also try rolling skating, bike riding, or playing a favorite sport. 

  1. Do something you enjoy 

What do you genuinely like to do? For us, we love to get out of the office and go to a sewing class. It’s relaxing and takes the stress from work. What is your thing? If you don’t know, try going to websites like Groupon and under their “things to do” list in your city. We’re challenging you to try something new. 

Emotionally Wellbeing

  1. Validate your own emotions 

Validating your own emotions promotes trust within yourself. When you trust yourself, you ultimately are proving how much you love you. 

  1. Process your emotions 

Take the time that you need to process your feelings and emotions. Sometimes, we are not aware of what and why we are feeling what we are feeling. Usually, we suppress. Suppressing does not equate to love. Love is giving yourself the space to let whatever emotion pass through. 

Mentally Wellbeing

  1. Go to Therapy 

Going to therapy and having a therapist friend is a great way to take care of your wellbeing. A therapist can help you develop a plan to love yourself and implement the above actions. They can be your accountability partner in your self-love journey. 

  1. Journal & Meditating

TRUE provides great tips and information about journaling as a form of self-care. Journaling is a great way to release your feelings and thoughts. Writing can be therapeutic and a great way to express gratitude. 

Meditating is sitting still with your thoughts for any amount of time. If you’re a busy entrepreneur, it can be as short as 5 minutes or it can be as long as an hour. 
TRUE Image Group promotes inner and outer beauty but before we can focus on those things, it’s important to develop habits for maintenance. Be sure to book a free consultation with us so we can brainstorm how to transform your wardrobe and personal brand.