The time is here. A day that has historically scared us, made us feel alone or come to the reality that we have no partner or significant other. Or maybe we do and Valentine’s Day is not celebrated. With Valentine’s 2023 around the corner, the game has changed and we are no longer using the day to sulk but instead celebrate ourselves

Whether you have a significant other or not, use this day to celebrate how much you love you. Gone are the days where we are sad on this day and afraid to go out and be seen alone. Use February 14th, 2023 as a day to celebrate who and what you are. Celebrate how far you have come in whatever journey you are on. TRUE has forever been about self-admiration and self-love and because of that we want to offer 5 self-care Valentine Day gifts. 

Write a Valentine Day Card to yourself 

Take the time out to admire yourself. Think about what you love about yourself and write a letter. Compliment yourself. “You are so beautiful and I love spending time with you.” I know it may feel silly in the beginning, but trust me you’re going to love it. When you are writing a letter to yourself, remember that you are showing yourself admiration, compassion, and the romantic love that you may desire from others. Write about what makes you feel good about yourself and why. “Girl, I love when you receive a challenging situation, you take it on with grace, and you do the dang thing.” It doesn’t have to be the same, but you get my drift. This is incredibly great if your love language is words of affirmation. Writing a card to yourself will show you how much you appreciate who you are. 

Buy a candle & Take a bubble bath 

Imagine after a long day, you come home, journal, and run a hot bubble bath. And as the bath is calling your name, you light that candle that you gifted yourself. We love a great scent that will fit your needs. Imagine a clean home, your favorite sexy pajamas, or a sexy outfit (depending on your preference) when you’re done. You can pour yourself a glass of wine and light that beautiful vanilla bean (my preference) scented candle. Some of our favorite candle places are Bed, Bath, and Beyond and Nordstrom but this is your day, so you get to decide.

Treat yourself to a spa day & Get your nails done 

Treat yourself to a manicure and pedicure. One of the best ways to compliment any outfit is to have a fresh manicure and pedicure. If this is in your regular self care routine, try getting a special set just for Valentine day. Treat this day as a special occasion to celebrate yourself. Here at TRUE we can help you put together a look for you to compliment your fresh nail set. Imagine while you’re getting your nails done, an outfit is chosen especially for you. Book a free consultation with us and we’ve got you covered. 

Buy yourself a bouquet of Flowers & Take yourself on a date 

Now, I’m not really a flower gal myself, however, for Valentine’s Day, I can become one! I always love to see how pretty flowers are in someone’s home. I, myself, am a faux-flower type of person because then I don’t have to take care of it. But if you’re like me, I’m going to challenge you to change your mindset and intentions just for Valentine’s day. Consider treating the flowers as a form of self-care. Watering and cleaning them like you do for yourself. Trust me, this will be a challenge for me, since in the past, flowers only lasted anywhere from a few days to a week.  

After you buy yourself some flowers, take yourself on a date. Remember this is all about you. So it doesn’t have to be dinner and a movie. It can be as crazy as you want it to be. Have you tried the Rage Room? You haven’t? Me either! But it sounds like a ton of fun. Do you love painting or have you always wanted to try a pottery class but never really put any thought into looking up a class? This is your time to put intention behind yourself. We tend to expect our partners or significant other to have the day planned to make us feel thought of. Girl, let’s do that for ourselves. Pull your notes app up on your phone and write down what you want your solo date to be. Plan it now since we are two weeks away from Valentine’s Day and make reservations. Putting intention behind yourself and your desires for leisure purposes is going to fill your cup up.

Dress up for Your Couch 

Treat yourself to a bomb outfit that you will feel good in. If you don’t have one of those outfits for the occasion, let TRUE put together a sexy look for you to relax at home. It can be a sexy, lingerie outfit that you can feel comfortable and beautiful in. If you don’t need our help, that’s okay. We still got you! Try out favorite go-to stores, Express , Savage Fenty, or Macy’s. 

Give yourself the 5 senses gift 

If you haven’t heard of the ‘5 Senses Gift,’ that’s okay, because neither have I before a few years ago. Who knew the world was so creative (haha)! But on a serious note, the concept of a “five senses gift” is to buy or create gifts that appeal to the basic senses of the human body: sound, touch, taste, smell and sight. Whether you choose to give each gift at once, or space them out over the week of Valentine’s Day, five senses gifting is a great way to spoil yourself this year. 

Valentine’s Day is a day to treat yourself. You can shape the day however you want so that it fits your needs. TRUE offers a variety of services that can take your self-care day to the next level. Anything from a photoshoot to personal styling services, here at, we got you!