To stripe or not to stripe that is the question.  Or is it?  If you look at the body as a whole then when it comes to wearing stripes the question is not if you should wear them but rather where you should wear them on your body. 

The goal is create a balanced silhouette.  As a general rule vertical stripes add length and horizontal stripes add width.  So then the question becomes- where do you want to add length or width? 

So say if you have small shoulders or rounded shoulders and want to add width and structure you would chose a top with horizontal stripes in order to give the illusion of width and creating balance. 

If you have a thicker torso and want to create the illusion of length, then vertical stripes are the best option.  This patter come in many different forms. Thick, thin and all variations in between.  You can even create the illusion of stripes with clusters of dots, shapes, flowers that are all clustered together.

I love to combine different types in one outfit.  I like the juxtapose position and movement. On days where I want to be subtle and show my inner chic Chanel persona I will wear one type of stripe uniformly for a chic and classic look. If I want to be a more playful, I’ll mix and match stripes of different shapes and sizes.

Since stripes tend to be geometric in nature adding other geometric shapes as an accent is also a good pairing.  You can create this look with a bold red striped shirt and circle shaped earrings.  Other ways to wear this trend is through your accessories with embellished shoes, handbags, scarves, earrings, or a striped statement necklace. The possibilities are endless!

I say go for it and seize the day!  Bold or subtle either way stripes are a great way for you to make a statement. 

Below are some of my current inspiration pics.  

xo, Veronica   

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