There’s a meme out that says, “self care isn’t chocolate and bubble baths, it’s creating a life you don’t have to feel like you need to escape from.” (Who knew we’d be blogging about memes in 2020- but here we are.) I posted it to my personal Facebook after feeling particularly empowered to take my life back after starting what I call The Unfuckening of 2018-present.

A previous co-worker of mine pointed out that it could be both. After thinking about it, I agreed- but the sentiment is hidden under the maybe slightly overstated opinion. Self care can’t only be chocolates and bubble baths. What does this have to do with the actual blog topic you ask? Your image is who you are to the world. So, what does self care have to do with that?

No really, what is self care?

Let’s back up. My definition of self care is: consistently functioning in a very conscious state of ego awareness to continually make small choices that when made consistently, impact my life in a positive way.

Sometimes that means having to journal out my behavior patterns to see why I reacted too harshly or quickly in order to heal the trigger that started it all. Or sometimes it is writing down and crossing off goals for maintaining personal relationships. Sometimes it is self-parenting when that foot long hot dog at Sonic looks like a stack of money for my tummy, but deep down I know that I had a tough day and I’m likely just wanting to avoid emotion by eating until I’m so full I don’t have to think of anything else.

Self care for me means that I have to be constantly on my game so that I am making choices in the present that will make my future better. I mess it up, like, daily- but it’s more about the practice than the perfection.

Now we can get to what it has to do with your image.

Unless you are caring for yourself in every aspect of your life, you will not present to the world at your highest vibrancy image. That sounds completely insane, I know. And I definitely made it up, so let me explain.

We already know that self care is practicing behaviors that while maybe slightly uncomfortable at the time, build confidence and set the foundation for an easier future full of things that make you happy- or vibrate higher. So here it is:

When you are truly happy, you shine differently. Your best self shows and people notice. They will notice how you interact with them and they will respond to you differently. You will carry yourself straighter and taller and they will approach you differently. They will feel who you are before you even open your mouth.

That is your image. That is what we explore, address and uncover in our TRUE connect course and it’s something I live by and through every single day. What do you look like when you’re vibrating at your highest?

If you’d like to learn more about living consciously, check out The Holistic Psychologist on IG or read RECOVERY by Russell Brand. Even if you aren’t working the 12 Steps (I wasn’t), there is an incredible amount of helpful information about connecting with your highest self.

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