How To: Mixing Prints & Patterns

In a year where it seems anything is possible- mixing prints seems a little easier of a task for people who have been intimidated by it previously. After all, if the snake print shoe fits- wear it to fight off whatever 2020 throws at you. I’ll start you off easy and then we can workContinue reading “How To: Mixing Prints & Patterns”

How To Be A 9 to 5-er Fashionista

Let me guess your day: You wake up at 7 o’clock or maybe earlier. You brush your teeth. You go to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for your family. You take a bath and afterward, you open your wardrobe. You can see black, white, grey, and navy pieces which are your usual corporate attire. YouContinue reading “How To Be A 9 to 5-er Fashionista”

Styling A Skirt Four Ways

CASUAL My favorite thing in life is the unexpected. I personally work to learn things and be things that are naturally contradictory- soft and strong, warm and cool, intense and comforting- you get the idea. I’m naturally curious and love exploring the entire spectrum of most of life’s issues, so it’s no surprise that theContinue reading “Styling A Skirt Four Ways”

Pantone Color Of The Year & How To Wear It

If you don’t know about Pantone, now you know. They put out a Color of the Year every year and eyes all over the world look to what they can do with it. Obviously for us, it should be how we can wear it. Although, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t scroll endlesslyContinue reading “Pantone Color Of The Year & How To Wear It”

What Is Image Consulting & Why Is TRUE So Into It?

One of the most common questions around image consulting that we get is, “So… what do you do?”. I’ve always been pretty bad at answering it- I know, how did I even get here let alone run a business around it? I’d fumble through a list of synonyms always starting with, “Essentially we are aContinue reading “What Is Image Consulting & Why Is TRUE So Into It?”

Traveling in comfort and style

Airports are a lawless land. Sandals with socks? Sure. Alcohol at 7 am? It’s five o’clock somewhere. Napping in public surrounded by thousands of people? Why not? These tips are focused mostly on air travel but will work well for travel by plane, train or car. We’ve traveled extensively and can give you all theContinue reading “Traveling in comfort and style”

Know Your Body Shape

Knowing your body shape is the foundation of finding your style. I’ll be writing up some posts on my philosophy around wearing what you want vs dressing in what is most “flattering” but if you want to follow the “rules”, I’ve got the formula. There are five basic body shapes: hourglass, straight, pear, apple andContinue reading “Know Your Body Shape”

Shapewear: When & How To Wear It

It has been around for centuries but the same adage is true- you either love it… or you despise it. Shapewear- why? Everyone’s reason may be a bit different. I know my own personal reasons have changed a bit over the years, so let’s explore the why before we really dig into the how.  AtContinue reading “Shapewear: When & How To Wear It”

Interview Attire Perfect Pick

I’ve never been one to accept the choice between having to be smart or pretty. Brains or beauty was never enough when I could be both. Society still has a bit of a hard time understanding that femininity does not automatically mean less efficient at work. How do you pick the perfect interview attire toContinue reading “Interview Attire Perfect Pick”