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Faux Leather: The best kind to buy & how to style it

One of the Fall/Winter trends that a lot of people struggle with is faux leather. It can give you a sexy or edgy look to an outfit while also keeping you on-trend and put together. Edgy can go from classy to trashy real fast. Here’s the trick- if you want to go for an edgyContinue reading “Faux Leather: The best kind to buy & how to style it”

Navigating Trends: What to take on and what to pass up

As an Image Consultant and Personal Stylist, one of the biggest struggles is deciding what trends are worth investing in, and which ones are fleeting but ultimately a flop (I’m looking at you tiny odd shaped sunglasses of 2020). In the days of social media being Queen, it seems like fads are moving faster thanContinue reading “Navigating Trends: What to take on and what to pass up”

A Lesson: The Three Types of Fashion

Continuing our Lesson series, we are going to chat about the three types of fashion today. Couture may be the most infamous, but Mass Market Fashion is certainly the most common. So, what exactly does this have to do with personal styling and image consulting? Well, its technical- I get that- and it is alsoContinue reading “A Lesson: The Three Types of Fashion”

Capsule wardrobe- What is it and is it for you?

Capsule wardrobes are “a collection of a few essential items of clothing that do not go out of fashion, such as skirts, trousers, and coats, which can then be augmented with seasonal pieces.[1] according to Wikipedia. In short, it’s having a closet of only a few classic basics that you rotate. Veronica and I have different relationships withContinue reading “Capsule wardrobe- What is it and is it for you?”

A Lesson: Learning the Five Types of Fabric

Most everyone knows what fabrics they typically feel most comfortable in, but do you know what the specific types of fabric are and what kinds to look for when shopping online to ensure your most comfortable fit? Well, I’m happy to share what I know! The two major types are woven and knit, but youContinue reading “A Lesson: Learning the Five Types of Fabric”

Wearing Stripes To Create Balance In Your Shape

To stripe or not to stripe that is the question.  Or is it?  If you look at the body as a whole then when it comes to wearing stripes the question is not if you should wear them but rather where you should wear them on your body.  The goal is create a balanced silhouette. Continue reading “Wearing Stripes To Create Balance In Your Shape”

Exploring Winter Coats

By: Veronica Bessey It’s that season again and Winter coats are here to stay for a bit.  As a fluffy girl I already have a little extra padding to keep me warm, so coats can be either a hinderance or act as light covering to add the last bit of pizazz to an outfit.  DependingContinue reading “Exploring Winter Coats”

How To: Mixing Prints & Patterns

In a year where it seems anything is possible- mixing prints seems a little easier of a task for people who have been intimidated by it previously. After all, if the snake print shoe fits- wear it to fight off whatever 2020 throws at you. I’ll start you off easy and then we can workContinue reading “How To: Mixing Prints & Patterns”

How To Be A 9 to 5-er Fashionista

Let me guess your day: You wake up at 7 o’clock or maybe earlier. You brush your teeth. You go to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for your family. You take a bath and afterward, you open your wardrobe. You can see black, white, grey, and navy pieces which are your usual corporate attire. YouContinue reading “How To Be A 9 to 5-er Fashionista”

Styling A Skirt Four Ways

CASUAL My favorite thing in life is the unexpected. I personally work to learn things and be things that are naturally contradictory- soft and strong, warm and cool, intense and comforting- you get the idea. I’m naturally curious and love exploring the entire spectrum of most of life’s issues, so it’s no surprise that theContinue reading “Styling A Skirt Four Ways”