Self Care & How It Affects Your Image

There’s a meme out that says, “self care isn’t chocolate and bubble baths, it’s creating a life you don’t have to feel like you need to escape from.” (Who knew we’d be blogging about memes in 2020- but here we are.) I posted it to my personal Facebook after feeling particularly empowered to take myContinue reading “Self Care & How It Affects Your Image”

What Is Image Consulting & Why Is TRUE So Into It?

One of the most common questions around image consulting that we get is, “So… what do you do?”. I’ve always been pretty bad at answering it- I know, how did I even get here let alone run a business around it? I’d fumble through a list of synonyms always starting with, “Essentially we are aContinue reading “What Is Image Consulting & Why Is TRUE So Into It?”

Lizzo-Level Self Confidence & How To Get It.

By now everyone has heard of our new lord and savior, Lizzo, but if you haven’t- today is the day your life changes. As a visibly plus-size public figure who has been sweeping all of the award categories lately, she takes quite a bit of heat. She’s also revered as an image icon for women of all shapes, sizes and ages due to her seemingly unshakable confidence. But, how does she do it?