Exploring Winter Coats

By: Veronica Bessey It’s that season again and Winter coats are here to stay for a bit.  As a fluffy girl I already have a little extra padding to keep me warm, so coats can be either a hinderance or act as light covering to add the last bit of pizazz to an outfit.  DependingContinue reading “Exploring Winter Coats”

What Is Image Consulting & Why Is TRUE So Into It?

One of the most common questions around image consulting that we get is, “So… what do you do?”. I’ve always been pretty bad at answering it- I know, how did I even get here let alone run a business around it? I’d fumble through a list of synonyms always starting with, “Essentially we are aContinue reading “What Is Image Consulting & Why Is TRUE So Into It?”

Realtor Kim Viscione Interviews Our Co-Founder Elle Monus

Kim: What made you decide to open this business? Elle Monus: I answer this question a little differently than I used to. I originally got into fashion because I grew up as a plus size girl with very few options in clothing. I joined an early stage startup that sold clothing subscription boxes to plusContinue reading “Realtor Kim Viscione Interviews Our Co-Founder Elle Monus”

Interview Attire Perfect Pick

I’ve never been one to accept the choice between having to be smart or pretty. Brains or beauty was never enough when I could be both. Society still has a bit of a hard time understanding that femininity does not automatically mean less efficient at work. How do you pick the perfect interview attire toContinue reading “Interview Attire Perfect Pick”