As a young, urban professional that’s worked with teams all over the world, but grew up in a small country town, I struggled to find my identity. I felt too gentle for New York City, but too aggressive for Dallas, too down-home for Los Angeles and San Francisco, but too big city for my hometown or even too egocentric compared to my overseas teams.

I’d adjust a little with each new experience, but nothing seemed to fit. I tried on almost every aesthetic until I went through a rigorous personal development course that gave me the tools to discover who I truly was.

I want to hear your biggest dreams and most intimidating fears. I want to know what you love about you and what keeps you up at night. I want to discover, together, what you want to tell the world. It’s from there that I created a holistic approach to style and branding.

When you know who you are, you can tell the world and the world responds. The base of style and branding is quite simply your most authentic self. Nobody else is exactly like you and it’s in those details where we can bring forth your perfectly personalized image.