First off, what is self-love? I can tell you what it’s not. Self-love is not bubble baths, nails and hair appointments, and shopping sprees. While those things are conducive to self-care, it doesn’t really define how we should be loving ourselves. Self-love, by definition, is a state of appreciation for oneself that supports our physical, … Continue reading

In the nature of what TRUE Image Group is all about, we would be remiss if we didn’t stress the importance of mental health.  No matter what clothes, accessories, or makeup we put on you, no amount of strategic styling will make you feel happy about yourself. It’s important to understand that in order to … Continue reading

` Can we say, “CUTE'' to this classic, black tunic? You can pair this black tunic with a pair of ankle strappy sandals or throw on some basic, comfortable, white tennis shoes. This is a perfect look for a day party or a date.  How about this tropical, bright summer skirt set? Let’s be real. … Continue reading

3 Tips for Enjoying Your Postpartum Body 

Just had a baby and don’t recognize yourself? Guess what, mama? That’s completely normal. You’ve gone through months of developing a human and your body has quite literally formed organs. In most “what to expect,” books they tell you everything about pregnancy but  forget to tell you what to expect in the 4th trimester (first … Continue reading 3 Tips for Enjoying Your Postpartum Body