Airports are a lawless land. Sandals with socks? Sure. Alcohol at 7 am? It’s five o’clock somewhere. Napping in public surrounded by thousands of people? Why not? These tips are focused mostly on air travel but will work well for travel by plane, train or car. We’ve traveled extensively and can give you all the tips and tricks on traveling in comfort and style.

I always opt for comfort when traveling by any method and love to give myself one night in the new city with no activities or work scheduled, but that’s not always possible so I’ll review same-day meeting travel as well as traveling for pleasure.

If you’re flying out for a quick meeting and will fly in and out in the same day, take only a carry on and wear your work clothes. Make sure they are wrinkle and stain resistant and easy to get through security. This means light or no jewelry on, form fitting to avoid extra security checks caused by baggy clothing and shoes with socks if possible or make sure your carry on has room for your heels for a quick switch-out. Nobody loves walking miles through airports in heels, trust me.

Business Travel

by Ellemonus

If you’re staying overnight, but no more I recommend sticking with one carry-on. I typically opt for a large purse like this one from Dagne Dover. This particular tote has a compartment for everything! I can keep my laptop, makeup bag, a change of clothes and pajamas rolled and a pair of heels inside without looking like I’ve got my entire life on my back.

Try to use clothes for both travel and pajamas or travel and meeting. For example, I may opt for a pair of leggings and a tee shirt to travel in then use the tee shirt to sleep in. Or if I need something a little more appropriate for meeting a friend for dinner when I get into town, I’ll toss on black ponte pants with a cute top and flats then use those same pants to pair with a sheath tank and blazer for meetings the next day.

If you’re traveling for fun and will be gone longer than a few days, I say go for max comfort! It’s likely you’ll be in pictures if you’re traveling with someone else, so dress with that in mind. I love a natural, basic makeup with leggings and a stylish tunic or a maxi dress (just add cutoff leggings as shorts under for those of us with the chub rub issue). Something that takes minimal effort and is comfortable and is breathable for hours but makes a statement and photographs well is perfect! Like this. Or this.

Airport Casual

by Ellemonus

As a plus size woman, I’ve had to come up with some additional tricks that make it easier for me and my body while traveling in comfort and style. As I mentioned before, nobody loves walking for hours in heels- it’s even tougher on a plus body, so make sure to grab flats with a great sole. Another tip, not style related though life saving, is to invest in a seatbelt extender like this one from amazon. You can avoid the shame of having to ask for one and just tuck it inside your carry-on or purse.

Try to buy a window seat. Being able to lean into the window cove gives you an extra few inches of space between you and the person next to you. If you can’t find one while buying your flight, check with the team at the gate. They may have had one open up right before flight and can make the change without a charge.

Priority boarding is also not a bad investment, especially if you have the window seat. If you can get on before anyone else and get situated instead of having to jump over them to get to your seat, you’ll feel much less anxious if you’re concerned they are judging you based on your size.

Most of all, remember that you belong there too! You spent your money just like they did theirs and you are welcome to take up space in this world. The amazing memories you are making during the trip will heavily outweigh any unpleasant anxiety around your size.

Leave us comments below about your tips and tricks for traveling in comfort and style!

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