Get the team to work for you inside and out of your closet.

For a full style refresh, you’ll have two Stylists in your closet with you for up to seven hours. We’ll do a full closet clean-out and teach you what works for your body shape. When we go, you’ll have newly paired outfits showcased in a Polaroid look-book so you never forget a ‘fit, an organized closet system and a shopping list with suggested stores for anything that’s missing.

Next, we’ll take that shopping list and have a day of shopping to cross everything off! We’ll pull items for you, teach you how to pull your own and hype you up on your own personal dressing room runway. It’s just like hanging out with best friends, but we’ve also styled celebrities.

TRUE refresh is full style revamp package, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take it to the next level. Leave it as is, or add a la carte items to build a package that’s perfect for you.


Meet with our team for an hour to chat through your personality and style profile. We’ll create your personalized closet and shopping plan, then start teaching the basics of style and body shape. You’ll leave with a bit of homework, but we promise it’s for the best.


Learn the formula for building a five-piece outfit that takes you from nine to wine. We’ll teach you to create looks that compliment your lifestyle that make getting out the door easier than ever.


Our team comes to you for a full closet clean out. We will pull outfits from what you already own, decide what to donate or toss out and create a shopping list to build out a fully functional wardrobe.


Shop in-store or online with your own personal Stylist for on the spot tips & tricks and learn the high/low shopping method to create a balanced and perfectly styled look without breaking the bank.


During your closet clean-out, we’ll document our process with on-the-spot polaroids and create your own personal look book so you never forget what we created.


Explore the perfect ‘do for you based on face shape and hair type with an award winning hairstylist and learn from a professional makeup artist how to create your perfect go-to five minute face routine.


Utilize our on-demand styling services for one month after your graduation and a discounted monthly rate if you extend.

TRUE refresh starts at $3000

We know things might be tight right now; we’re happy to talk about payment plans.